best of gaby solis - season one (pt.1)

i did a lot of stupid shit as a kid but the one thing that makes me look at my sixth grade self with such pity is the fact i had no idea what copy and paste was so i hand typed the HTML for a theme for my neopet’s guild. i worked on it every day for hours and it didn’t even work. now every theme i copy and paste i do it to restore honor to my family.


I am not really one for doing screencaps of Facebook posts, but this one is important during this time of great grief and sadness over the world’s loss of #robinwilliams. It is important that we as his fans and those that feel he was apart of our family to pay him proper respects. He would never want to spread the message that is “suicide is how to achieve freedom”

"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

do I even know any of you anymore what happened where am i is this purgatory 


having difficulty with the transition from ‘impressive child’ to ‘below-average adult’